Focus on Takeout – Falafel and Co. (Raleigh, NC)

1000 Brookside Dr. Raleigh, NC

A man can not live on Burgers alone, and there is a time when this man needs a chicken pita. It is actually pretty often, and lucky for me, there is Falafel and Co. down the street. They have a lot of great Middle Eastern Food including as their name suggests Falafel. They have a build your own pita sandwich, salad bowl or rice bowl, where you pick your filling, chicken, beef, falafel, or steak and then your toppings.

The chicken is delicious, especially combined with Tzatziki sauce, onions, tomato, and feta. Splash a little hot sauce and you have a very fine meal. The ingredients are fresh, they are fast making it, and the Zatar Fries are amazing. Yes, you read that correctly, I love their fries. If you follow our previous reviews, I usually avoid the fries at almost all restaurants, but these are the best. The seasoning is addictive. You can order over the phone and they will have it ready or go in and build your meal. It is delicious and they are wonderful people. Give them a try and you’ll be back, I promise. — Don