After this many years, we’ve decided to publish a list frequently asked questions. There aren’t many, but we are asked these a lot. — MM

Q. I moved here from {insert city (usually from the Northeast US)}, and I hate everything about this state except for {insert burger joint (usually a regional chain)}. Why haven’t you reviewed it?

A. We have jobs, families, etc., and we try to hit one place per month. As the Triangle is growing, so is the choice in places to get burgers. We note every place that people suggest, and we will get to all of them eventually.

Q. You liked {insert name of place we gave a 4 or better}? That place sucked. Or, you hated {inserted name of place we gave under a 4}? You guys don’t know what you’re talking about.

A. We could have caught a place on an especially good or bad night. It happens. More likely, We have a difference in opinion. USA! USA! If you find your tastes align with ours, awesome. If not, there are plenty of places on the world wide web for you to get information. Go for it!

Q. Wow! You must get pretty sick of burgers if you eat them all the time.

A. At most, I’ll eat 2-3 burgers in a month. Usually it’s the one review and another time out with the family. I’ve been going through and making the Bob’s Burgers burgers, too. I eat burgers I enjoy. Indeed, if I ate nothing but average burgers all the time, I would probably get sick of them. What we’re all about at TSB is finding the ones you will go out of your way for. Meat should be a counted as a precious resource. Treat it as such, and stop eating shitty burgers.

Q. This place you have on the list is closed now. Why don’t you delete the review or at least remove it from the rankings list?

A. We update the titles to places we know have closed. Otherwise, we leave the reviews alone. Just because you can’t get that burger anymore doesn’t mean it didn’t exist at that point in time. Those reviews still form out current thoughts on burgers we have had since. We also happen to think that what we write is pretty entertaining. We are happy we provide a service to people. For the most part, though, we are trying to be creative and funny.

Q. Your reviews are long. I just want to know if I should go to this certain place.

A. See the above answer. If you want quick and dirty, scroll to the bottom for our ranks. Otherwise, just go to Yelp.