Love Sonnet to Goodie Goodie


Love Sonnet to Goodie Goodie (

As now I think of you upon your plate
I salivate and breathe your fragrant rise
Of steam and grease and juice and love my fate
Until it dawns that I’ve left you behind.

A classic, humble burger that transcends
The bourgeois tasteless patties that abound
Your mystic vintage flat-grill magic lends
An alchemy of flavor that confounds!

And even now I dream of orange seats
Your crispy fries and foolish diet drinks
Tomato, shredded lettuce, melted cheese
Plus mayo and my heart congeals and sinks.

My orange, vintage “breakfast” diner Love,
Exalted, you reside a world above.

John McManus, Burgiatrist/Poet, 2010