Review #41 – Geer Street Garden (Durham, NC)

Geer Street Garden (Durham)

Durham’s popular Geer Street Garden—spitting distance from Duke Tower—offers one burger, infinite ways. The third of its three listed toppings—bacon, cheese, and “What-Have-You”—summoned the inner Seuss in each of us…


The What-Have-You
©Paul Friedrich

Chad’s Review

The What-Have-You

Is a mystery ingredient

Any topping from the menu

Exotic or expedient


To keep my burger

From going commando

I asked the server

For bacon and pimento


Good bun, excellent patty

Pimento cheese a little bland

But the bacon made me happy

Truly, it was grand



I give it a four

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Don’s Review

We had a quest,

A burger to find,

To fill our stomachs

And make happy our minds


Geer Street Garden our target,

And studying the menu

Found a short burger listing,

Could this be a snafu?


There in the print options

To top off the ground moo

Were listed not many

One option: “What-Have-You”


Oh! The confusion it caused

To be given such choices

As many as you could think

As many as there are voices


The What-Have-You I imaged

Was simple to please

Bacon, fried egg,

Grilled onions, and cheese


I took the first bite

And was greeted by pleasure

The egg yolk had broken

With simple biting pressure


The burger was good,

With a slight over-cook

But that did not keep it

From 4.25 in my book

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Michael’s Review

With the What-Have-You in plain view

And so much to choose from

My mind was racing

With quite a conundrum


Do I go classic

Or try something daring?

I had to choose soon

The server was staring


I scanned the menu,

And something caught my eye

I thought, “Do I dare

Or will they think me high?”


With conviction in my mind

And resolve in my voice,

“Mashed potatoes and bacon

That will be my choice”


Tempted by the What-Have-You

I didn’t know what was in store

It turned out quite tasty

I give it a four

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Scott’s Review

Time for a burger!

Today is your day

You’re off to Geer Street Garden

You’re off and away!

Your stomach is growlin’

You’re ready to feed

One burg on the menu?

Just follow its lead!


And now to choose condiments

There sure are a lot

Gruyere, “srirachanaise,”

And peppers so hot


But what’s this you see?

A topping that’s new?

It could be just anything!

Its name? The “What-Have-You”


You say you’ll go simple

Garlic aioli and bleu

The combo so right

It makes you say “ooh”


“The score will be high!”

Says this burger reporter

For Geer Street’s What-Have-You

It’s a four and a quarter!

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