Focus on Takeout – Ruckus Pizza, Pasta, and Spirits (Apex, NC)

We decided to get Ruckus for our weekly takeout dinner. I have eaten here plenty because it is near my office, so I thought, “Slam dunk.” Well…

The Ruckus menu is expansive, and all of it seems to be available for takeout. It is usually the perfect place for us to eat because it has something for everyone. Oddly, we at The Straight Beef have never done an official review here. Something we will rectify once we are allowed to actually each out. I ordered the BBQ Cheddar Burger which has onion rings, Vermont Cheddar, crispy bacon, and BBQ sauce. You can order it “pink” or “no pink”. Online ordering was easy.

Unfortunately, this is where everything derailed.

My order was supposed to be ready by 5:41. I got there a little early and cooled my heels outside as about 90% of the people picking up orders were not wearing masks. When I peeked in, I saw that none of the staff were wearing masks either.

My order was not ready until about 6:00 or a little after. Fine, I wasn’t in a big rush to get it. When I got home 5 minutes later, it became very apparent that my food had been just sitting in the back getting cold. I don’t know what happened, but my burger was well-done and cold. The bun was mush, the onion rings were chewy, the bacon was undercooked and stringy, and the fries were cold and mostly fused together.

I was really disappointed in my experience at Ruckus this time around. I’ll definitely go back when they open back up for table service because I’ve had great food there before. However, I think I’m going to skip the takeout.