Our Ratings System

We have a scientific rating system perfected over 80 years of burger-eating:

image014 image013 image015 don1 chad1c Score 1

1. These photographs represent the lowest of the low, burgiatrically speaking. You should identify where the burger joint in question is located, then run in the other direction.

image011 image010 image012 don2 chad2c Score 2

2. Still pretty bad. Only the hungriest of burgiatrists can choke down this slab of cow flesh. Not among the most repugnant burgers, but best to stay away.

image008 image007 image009 don3 chad3c Score 3

3. One word: meh.  Not bad, not great, but not memorable.

image005 image004 image006 don4 chad4c Score 4

4. A solid burger. High marks on taste, build, and fixins. You would not go wrong with one of these.

image002 image001 image003 don5 chad5c Score 5

5. Burger Nirvana. Ranks up there with the best burgers of all time.