Review #20: Draft (Raleigh, NC) CLOSED

Updated: Unfortunately, Draft closed as of 12/31/2012.

John’s Review: Wolfpack (Classic Rocks)

Almost a Five (Country Ballad for the Draft Wolfpack)

Take a listen!


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I done seen this before
Ain’t nothin’ new
Through other doors
On other menus

A patty cooked on the grill
O’er an open flame
Barbecue sauce, pepper jack and onion straws
And they’ve all been the same

Just too awful sweet
Or way too much tang
But then you came along and made it right, what a surprise
Well go-olly dang!

You’re almost a five
Yeah, you’re almost a five!
While I can’t quite go all the way, babe,
You’re almost a five!

It hurt me to leave you
When you’re so pretty and fine
But absence is making me grow fonder
Gonna get in my truck and head yonder
‘Cause you’re almost a five…

You’re almost a five!
Yeah, you’re almost a five!
I can’t quite go all the way, babe, but you’re
Almost a five!

Rating: 4.75

Michael’s Review: The Blazin’ Asian (Look At Me!)

The new Draft Carolina Burgers and Beers (formerly Hi5) in the Glenwood South section of downtown Raleigh has quite a selection of burgers. I had the Blazin’ Asian, a burger that boasted hoison basted Kobe (Waygu) beef patty with spicy kimchee relish. It was so good that it inspired me to haiku:

The Blazin’ Asian

Draft approaches perfection

Rating four point five

Scott’s Review: Draft Burger (Classic Rocks)

Scott’s Review: 4.5


Draft Carolina Burgers & Beers on Urbanspoon