Focus on Takeout – Los Tres Magueyes (Apex, NC)

This is one of my daughter’s favorite places to eat. She is a selective (read picky) eater. She likes the way they do their cheese quesadilla and their table-side guacamole. Well, no table-side guac with takeout. But they did put have their guac in a to go container. Los Tres is your pretty standard Tex Mex restaurant. However, they have the best salsa I have had since I lived in Texas. It is chunky and rich with tomatoes with flavorful heat. You can taste the jalapeños instead of just the heat. Great, light chips, too.

They have a selection of ACP dishes which start with your classic ACP and add stuff to it. I got the ACP with chorizo. The chicken was a little dry but the generous helping of chorizo made the meal.

I highly recommend hitting up Los Tres Magueyes if you have a hankering for some Mexican food. Pro tip: please remember (a) your order number which the give you after you order and/or (b) what you ordered. The person in six feet in front of me had no idea about either. Plus, they wanted to add something to the order. Sheesh! The gentleman trying to check her out was exceptionally polite throughout the whole thing. He was very accommodating to them and was very appreciative for the business. — MM