There’s a McDifference!

There’s a McDifference!

By Dave Foley, guest burgiatrist

Review 3: 1001 Morrisville Carpenter Road, Morrisville

For his 3rd review, Dave eats a “ketchup-flavored chew toy.”

I’ve been to this McDonald’s a few times since it opened last year. The building has a high-tech look and a nice angular design, which is quite different from what you find inside.


Everything in this place is circular: the lights, various plates/covers/speakers on the ceiling, chairs, tables, the main seating area, holes in the backrests of the chairs, and even the fabric pattern used for the booths. There is a small main section of seats, some booths along the edge, and a semi-private seating area in the back with bench seats with retro-circular back rests, along with a flat screen TV.

This has got to be the cleanest McDonald’s I have ever seen; even the area behind the counter is immaculate. There are hand sanitizers everywhere you look. This place is a germaphobe’s paradise.

There are big square windows (not sure why they are not round) on the bathroom doors. They are frosted, but I found it odd that they would even have a windowed door here.


The fries are really really good here…really. They always seem to be cooked to a nice golden brown, with crisp outsides and warm soft insides. They are not greasy and are salted very consistently.

Quarter Pounder

The burger, unfortunately, is not very good here. The meat is very salty, extremely overcooked, and rubbery. If I took the patty out of the bun and threw it against the wall, I swear it would bounce back in this spherical alternate universe. The bun seemed very soft and fresh, but have you ever eaten something that when you bring it to your mouth you pick up the slightest scent of something that is a little off, but you can’t figure out what it is? That was the bun. The onions were very fresh and provide good coverage, but they went crazy on the ketchup, which ends up making you feel like you are gnawing on a ketchup-flavored chew toy.

Burger rating: 1 out of 5 Grimaces