Travel Channel green-lights “Burger Land,” an exploration of America’s great burger joints with George Motz

The Travel Channel has approved 11 episodes of “Burger Land,” George Motz’s exploration of classic hamburger joints in America. Here’s the quote from the Travel Channel:

Host George Motz, author of the popular book, “Hamburger America,” takes viewers on a road trip to meet some of the nation’s oldest and most storied hamburger creators, tour their establishments and find out what makes their burger the best. Motz uncovers the history, people and secrets behind America’s most iconic sandwich.

George Motz’s documentary “Hamburger America” debuted in 2005, featuring eight great hamburger restaurants across the United States. He then parlayed that into a book by the same name in 2008 which featured 150 iconic burger joints. Now the Travel Channel has approved 11 episodes of “Burger Land,” a new television series that will highlight four burger joints per episode. All we can say is that The Straight Beef media team is in negotiations with Motz and the Travel Channel (meaning that we have sent them an email and an attempted bribe). If Motz and his crew cross the North Carolina border they will quickly find themselves ensconced in the Patty Wagon, The Straight Beef’s A-Team-like stealth burger van, and headed toward our favorite burger spots in the Triangle.